Our Bees

Here at Leigh we believe in  breeding  the best bees possible.  We do not import queens or bees, but use the best of our own colonies to increase stocks. We do however wholly support BIPco, (Bee Improvement programme for Cornwall), which is a group of likeminded Cornish beekeepers who concentrate on ensuring the survival of the native black bee, Apis Mellifra Mellifra.  Annie was a founding member in the establishment of  BIPco in its formative years and is happy to support where possible its aims and ambitions. 

Where treatment of bees is deemed necessary we use organic methods where possible.  Annie is a member of the BFA, Bee Farmers Association, which is an association formed to promote the efforts of the commercial beekeepers enterprises in the UK.  Within the BFA, Annie has completed DASH, (The Disease Assurance Scheme for Honeybees) which is recognised by Defra as a qualification to assess and treat bee disease.