The art of beekeeping

Here at Leigh Farm, Annie and Charlie Yeo keep bees alongside a traditional family farming business.  Bees and farming are quite often perceived as opposing interests, with farming practices and chemical applications being blamed for the decline in pollinators in general.

At Leigh Farm we have successfully managed apiaries in combination with our sheep and arable production, including the growing and harvesting of Oil Seed Rape for over a decade. Where crops are treated for pest and disease we always use bee friendly treatments where possible.

We have been involved in Environmental schemes for many years and grow acres of wildflowers, maintain hedgerows and preserve natural pastureland.

Wildflower meadows at Leigh Farm

Recently we have decided to grow borage, solely for bees and other pollinators, this has been quite successful, not only have our honey bees enjoyed its nectar, it has attracted thousands of bumble bees, butterflies and moths.

To be sustainable as a bee farming business we have to ensure our honey bee stocks are well-managed to ensure the bees are kept in optimum condition, healthy and disease-free. Good husbandry, as in all livestock farming, is essential.

Not just bees at Leigh Farm! Annie Yeo at Lambing time.